Wash basin accessories

  • Washbasins and vanity counters should have a knee space beneath
  • Should be a minimum 800 mm wide and 1400 mm deep clear floor space in front of accessible washbasins


  • In general accessories should have operable portions between 900-1200mm above floor.


  • Faucets should be electronically controlled or have a single long lever-style handle that is operable with a clenched fist.
  • Faucets should not self-close
  • Hot water and drain pipes beneath accessible washbasins should be insulated.


  • Top of washbasin: 850mm from floor
  • Centre line of wash basin to closest wall – 450mm minimum
  • Centre line of faucet to edge of wash basin: 500mm maximum
  • Height of dispensers and dryers: maximum 1200mm above floor
  • Mirror height: 1000mm maximum above floor