Reception and payment desks

  • Reception desks and counters should be designed to be accessed and used by wide range of people‚Äôs ability and height on both customer and staff side.
  • The floor level should be the same on both the staff and customer side of desk.
  • Counters and desks should be set at two heights:
  • Maximum 760mmm high for people seated and a knee recess at least 700mm high 950-1100mm for people standing
  • Knee recess should be 500mm deep on customer side and 650mm deep on the staff side.
  • The counter depth where there is space for a wheelchair user should be at least 700mm
  • The lower section of counters should be at least 1800mm wide.
  • Provision of additional seats at lower counter should be considered.
  • All exposed edges and corners should be well rounded.

Reception Desk with Knee Recess

Reception Desk without Knee Recess