Ramp landing areas

  • Landing areas should be provided at top and bottom of ramps
  • Landing areas to be provided every 9 metres on longer ramps
  • Landings should be provided at each change of direction
  • Maximum slope of landing areas to be 1:50 (2%) in any direction
  • Top and bottom landings to be minimum 2100mm x 2100mm
  • In exceptional circumstances, the size of landings can reduce to 1500mm x 1500mm
  • Mid ramp landing areas should be minimum 1800mm  deep x 2400mm wide
  • Intermediate landings at the switchback of a U-shaped ramp (180° turn), should be a minimum of 1800 mm deep and 2400 mm wide.
  • Intermediate landing located at the corner of an L-shaped ramp (90° turn), the depth and
  • width of the landing should be a minimum of 1800 mm.

Mid ramp landing areas