Family washroom

  • At least one family toilet room, in addition to accessible common-use public toilets, should be provided for each gender in all public buildings

Family Room Facilities

  • Accessible family toilet rooms should be located on accessible routes
  • Doors entering family toilet rooms should have power door operators
  • A clear space having a diameter not less than 2100 mm should be provided inside every accessible family toilet room.
  • Accessible family toilet rooms should contain a water closet and accompanying transfer space

Baby Changing Table

  • Where baby change tables are provided, they should be of a fold down type with the change surface a maximum of 850 mm above the floor.
  • No operable mechanisms of the baby change tables should be located higher than 1200mm above the floor.
  • The change table should be designed to carry a maximum load of
  • 1.33 kN (300 lbs).
  • A shelf for a diaper bag should be provided and located to within reach requirements