External stairs

  • Heights (rise) and tread depths (run) of stairs to be uniform.
  • Open risers should be avoided.
  • Stair treads & landings should be finished with non-slip material.
  • Stair treads, including nosings, should be illuminated with a minimum of 100 lux,


  • If stair nosing is needed, it should not project to cause trip hazard
  • Colour or material contrast to differentiate between the horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Pattern surfaces should be avoided around stairs.
  • Circular stairs should be avoided.
  • Windows or doors should not open into landing areas by stairs
  • Headroom of 2100mm
  • On large stairs, intermediate landing areas with tactile warnings to be provided.


  • Dual height handrails on both sides of exterior steps
  • Handrails on continuous  inside edge of stairs with a switchback
  • Wide stairs need intermediate handrails