External ramps

  • Where running slope of path is greater than 4% then it is classed as a ramp
  • Curved ramps are not advised.
  • Ramps should be 950mm – 1100mm in width between handrails.
  • ramps and landings to be evenly illuminated to minimum 100 lux.

Gradient of slopes

  • Cross slope should be avoided.
  • Running slopes in renovations may be allowed up to 8.3% (1:12).

Surface Materials

  • Landing areas and ramp surfaces should be firm, stable and slip resistant.

  • Polished or unnecessarily slippy materials such as polished marble are not permitted for ramps

Level Landings

  • Level landing areas should be provided at top and bottom of all ramps.
  • On longer ramps, intermediate landing areas every 9 metres.
  • Maximum slope of landing areas to be 1:50 (2%) in any direction.
  • Windows or doors on landing areas should not impact movement. 
  • Landings may reduce to 1800mm x 1800mm in renovations.