Sidewalk levels

External path obstructions in ground

  • Openings can include grates or grilles for landscape or drainage.
  • Small holes can catch canes and wheels and should be avoided.
  • Large unmarked openings such as for tree pits or where construction is not completed will not be allowed in or adjacent to accessible paths.
  • Following should not be located in accessible paths:
    o Drainage inlets
    o Catch basins
    o Tree grates
  • Where these are already located in accessible path, they should be either relocated or a new accessible path found

Level changes beside external paths

  • If there is a change in level to the side of an accessible path that is between 200mm and 600mm then edge protection is required to avoid dangerous falls
  • Edge protection should be a colour contrasted kerb at minimum of 75mm height
  • If the change in level to side of accessible path is greater than 600mm then a guard rail that complies with Saudi Building Code is required.