How it Works

Step 1

Register Details

It is easy to register. You can register as a company or a person. The audit process has been designed to be so easy that anybody can carry out an inspection of the building they own, manage or work in. No prior technical expertise or knowledge of complex regulations is required. Leave that to us. Just answer some simple questions. 

Step 2

Choose Your Building Type

To generate the correct audit questions, we need to know what the building use is. It may range from a small office to a mixed use commercial building or a shop to a shopping mall. For larger mixed use commercial buildings we want to know about the external areas, how people move about the building and what sanitary facilities are provided. For smaller shops and offices we may only need to know about how park cars and people enter buildings.

Step 3

Complete Audit of Building

Carrying out an audit could not be simpler. Answer only questions which are relevant to your building type and avoid highly complex forms. If you provide car parking then we need to know about disabled car parking spaces. If you do not provide parking, then move on. Questions are available in different languages and use simple user friendly graphics whenever possible. 

Step 4

Review Action Plan

Once you complete the simple audit you will be directed to a unique action plan, specific to your building. The report shows you if the building is compliant with regulations and if not, identifies those parts of the building that require modification to ensure full access to all visitors and users. 

The element of building is not fully compliant with regulations and change is recommended to make building more accessible.

The element of building is not compliant with regulations and must be adapted to make building accessible.

Step 5

Make modifications if required

Depending on the result of the audit, the action plan will identify if modifications need to be made to building or if not, the audit can be submitted. If changes are necessary, we will tell you if they are required or advised. Those which are advised will help you improve access but are not mandatory. Those which are required will ensure people can access your building safely and easily. You will have plenty of time to make changes and all the help and guidance you need will be available. 

Need help making changes?

Your unique Action Plan will contain all the help and support you need to pass your audit and make your building accessible. Links will guide you to user friendly design guidance to show you what is expected to create easy access buildings for all to enjoy. A unique set of help tools and customer support is also available should you require further assistance. 

Step 6

Submit Your Completed Audit

If the building has passed all the necessary questions and is compliant with regulations, the audit can be submitted. If you have to make changes to the building to be compliant you will be advised how long have to make changes and complete your audit again. When you are ready to submit the successful audit, a copy of the action plan report will be sent to confirm the building is now compliant and ready to welcome new visitors safely.

Enjoy Benefits of Accessibility

Now you have passed your audit or made the necessary improvements in the building to improve access you will be ready to enjoy the benefits that good accessibility bring to your business. Easy access can mean more happy customers, more visitors and satisfied employees. You will also help achieve national goals of improving quality of life of all citizens, regardless of age or physical ability.