Dimensions Depth of intermediate landing area: minimum 1500mm (ideal 1800mm) Width & length of bottom landing area width as per the width of ramp length 2100mm Width of entrance to ramp minimum 1500mm (ideal 2100mm) Length of top landing area outside swing of opening door minimum 1500mm

Running slope The running slope should be between 1:16-1:25 (6.25% – 4%) In exceptional circumstances, a slope of 1:12 (8.3%) is allowed if can prove there is no other option Cross slope Cross slope should be avoided or minimized as much as possible. A maximum slope of 1:50 or 2% is permissible if no other option available. Horizontal Length of Ramp The maximum horizontal length of a ramp, measured between ramp landings, should not exceed 9 meters. Width of ramp (within handrails): 1200mm minimum (ideal 1500mm) Handrails height (from floor) top handrail 875-925mm bottom handrail 600-750mm Forward entrance ramp Surface Materials Landing areas and ramp surfaces should be firm, stable and slip resistant. Polished or unnecessarily shiney materials such as polished marble is not permitted for ramps Edge protection A kerb at minimum of 75 mm above the ramp surface on any side of the ramp where no solid enclosure…

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