outward doors to be recessed to at least width of the door. fixtures such as radiators, pipes and ducts to be recessed whenever possible. minimum width a corridor should not reduce to when outswing doors enter space. Where overhanging or protruding elements on freestanding objects are between 650-2100 mm above the ground, they should not encroach more than 300 mm into pedestrian areas. Floor Obstructions Corridors should be unobstructed along entire length. Items that protrude into circulation space should be recessed outside of corridor path. Corridors should be wide enough to allow people to pass each other and turn 180 degrees. Wall Obstructions The leading edge of any protruding object found between 650-2100 mm above the ground should not extend more than 100 mm into pedestrian areas. An object with a leading edge at or below 650 mm from the ground may protrude any distance.

The clear height for headroom in pedestrian areas should be a minimum of 2100 mm above the floor. Where the headroom of an area that adjoins an accessible route is reduced to less than 2100 mm, a detectable guard, guardrail or other barrier is needed The guard should be firmly fixed, colour contrasted & have solid or horizontal railings