Accessible pedestrian entrances should be protected from the weather, particularly the sun. The use of canopies or recessed entrances should be considered. Canopies are also useful in identifying the main entrance for people with sight difficulties.

Colour and materials of building entrances should contrast with background. Accessible paths of travel leading to pedestrian entrances should be marked with colour and texture contrast to the surroundings. Glass Facades There should be easily seen strips or markings at eye height on any glazed doors and entrance facades. Door Frames When using large glass facades, it is necessary to make the opening sliding door very clear. Consider the use of a door frame that is colour contrasting to the glass pane Internal Entrance Finish Entrance area walls and ceilings should be finished in a plain light matt colour.

Automatic Sliding Doors Automatic sliding doors can be very accessible as can be used adjacent to accessible paths without guard rails. Fully automatic sliding doors, activated by a presence and motion detector that opens door when people approach entrance are the preferred door type for all publicly accessible buildings.  Automatic doors should open early enough to ensure person approaching is aware. The sensor should ensure door is fully open when person is no closer than 1400mm away. Automatic doors should stay open long enough to allow safe entry and exit, especially important for slow moving people such as the elderly.

Design features such as double door air lock should be considered for climate control without need for revolving doors. When two doors are installed in a linear series, they have a minimum space of 1200mm between the two doors when door is in fully open position. 1200mm between doors

A clear manoeuvring space should be provided to allow people in wheelchairs to reverse of adjust position when opening doors. It will also assist slow moving people or other physical disability adjust their position when passing other people. Clear floor space should not be obstructed by other swinging doors. One way swinging doors should have a manoeuvring space on both sides as per the below dimension guidelines. 1.5m x 1.5m clear space